RWD (and Chris) have been involved in hundreds of projects over the past decade. Needless to say many are ghostwritten pieces and/or hidden behind NDA. However, some are public. Here is a sampling of some of the most recent and successful:

World Economic Forum (WEF)

While delegates from A.T. Kearney had typically relied on short blog posts to engage stakeholders at WEF, Chris helps to transform their communications strategy in 2018 to include internal, external, and social videos; long-form thought pieces; and teasers from exclusive events. The result was a spike in engagement over the 4-day conference that topped 3+ million impressions and thousands of new followers.

International Women’s Day

When A.T. Kearney wanted to celebrate IWD in what is largely a male-dominated industry, Chris pitched the idea of a total female-takeover of all web assets, including homepage video, a special landing page, and hourly updates on social media all devoted to women within the company. It became the best performing organic day in 2017-18.

This American Life

The story that became “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” in Episode #587 of This American Life began with a story pitch, and developed over 4 months of writing and recording until it reached 5+ million listeners on NPR, PRX, and podcasts everywhere.

Strategy Thought Leadership

Chris regularly posts thought leadership he shares with individuals and organizations to LinkedIn. Topics have included digital strategy, content-based strategy, social media tips, and several others.